About the Firm

The law firm “Gré, Mira y Cia. Ltda.” was founded in 1980 by Enrique Mira Gazmuri and Cristián Gré Zegers. In 2012, Cristián Gré retired from the firm, and “Mira y Cia. Ltda.” associated with the law firm “Hurtado Abogados”, thus conforming a group of attorneys that bring different levels of expertise and background to the practice, but that have in common the search for excellence in their work.\r\n\r\nThe practice is oriented to giving integral advice to clients, with emphasis on litigation matters, especially in commercial and civil areas.\r\n\r\nIn order to render assistance to the clients in tax; salaries and payroll areas, the firm works with\r\n\r\nTax Consultores, who are specialists in these areas.